Coffee is 98% water so it makes sense to think about what kind of water you use to brew your Jet Black Potion of Stamina.

So in the developer pour-over, if we zoom in on what type of developer water are we using, what could we say?

Talk to a coffee snob and they'll say distilled water isn't good for brewing the best pot of coffee – it gets rid of all the minerals that help bring out the coffee flavor.

Instead, it's best to use filtered water – water without impurities that maintain nutrient-rich minerals.

I've added this to the diagram:

In my mind, this is how well-defined (or ill-defined) your developer personas are.

Filtered Developers are rich in detail and represent your ideal audience. They are "nutrient-rich."

Distilled Developers are the classic "we target developers" approach, with no depth of flavor or nuance.

Here's the other interesting fact I learned while on my coffee metaphor fact-finding mission:

Distilled water evaporates faster than filtered water.

Go figure.

There are at least two other salient points to make here when you stare at this long enough so I'll be back with more soon.

Have a lovely day,

Distilled vs. filtered developers (Pour-over, part 2)

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