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Newsletter for DevToolers

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When you let me into your inbox, I'll send you up to 5 one-minute reads per week that could:

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And in the BEST case, you get ALL those things.

I have a Post-It on my monitor to remind me every time I write an email that it's to help you remove friction and lower the learning curve of your DevTool. No joke.

And if I feel like I have nothing useful to say – I just won't send an email that day. Win-win.

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Meet Your Chef

I'm Kamran!

I make developer tool onboarding easy so companies can accelerate developer adoption. I believe that better developer education is a skeleton key that unlocks growth, whether that's through lowering the learning curve, upskilling developers in their careers, or creating immersive learning experiences.

I host the DevEducate podcast and have a newsletter on developer onboarding which has been featured in the Developer Avocados Weekly and DevRel Weekly newsletters. 🥑🍏

I’ve upskilled over 12,000+ professional developers through my Pluralsight video training on DevTools like React, Cypress, Ionic Framework, Gatsby.js, and GitHub. My Microsoft Azure courses were part of the AZ-204 certification learning path.

I used to build and design enterprise developer tools and was a tech lead on developer experience & enablement teams scaling million-visitor brand websites at Fortune 500 companies like Target and General Mills. My contributions have not only increased developer satisfaction but also increased the speed to market for both internal enterprise apps and consumer-facing product experiences. I once won the Moonshot Award during Target's Innovation Week where I led a team that proposed a bet-the-business innovation to Target stores. I'd tell you what it was but I'd have to kill you.

I've shipped 9 web games on the side. One of the games was the #1 web game in the Ludum Dare 31 Game Jam and made it into the top 2% overall. Not bad for 72 hours.

I love to teach developers and I routinely speak at international conferences like React Summit and NDC on technology topics. But, fun fact: my top-rated talk that I give multiple times per year is actually my personal finance talk where I teach developers how to manage their money better.

I'm a dork, I love RPGs and home DIY, and I live in Minnesota where I work when it's cold out and take summers off with my kids for the 3 months it lasts.

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